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Performance Improvement and Training

JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. successfully implemented the Nepal Family Health Program II for the U.S. Agency for International Development from 2007 to 2012. For further information on project activites, visit the NFHP II page on

To provide quality services, it is important for service providers to have up-to-date knowledge and skills. The main aim of NFHP II is to support government health service providers by improving their performance in providing quality services in the areas of child health, family planning, and maternal and neonatal health. Training can be a suitable approach to quickly upgrade knowledge and skills, but in reality, to have a lasting impact, we must employ an integrated process that identifies the most appropriate solution for reducing specific performance gaps. NFHP II is focusing on refining approaches for quality improvement, including innovative approaches to training and technical supervision, and more serious engagement on the factors influencing health worker's motivation.

In NFHP II, we aim to improve quality of services based on approaches developed during NFHP I, further developing and adapting the localized performance improvement approach, incorporating principles and tools from Standards-Based Management. Health worker motivation will be addressed comprehensively. Client-provider-interaction (CPI) will be addressed in a variety of contexts including special beneficiary groups that sometimes experience poor quality of care.

In addition to providing group-based training, NFHP aims for further efficiencies both with regard to cost and disruptions to service delivery. Many in-service training approaches are now largely standardized and institutionalized and, wherever possible, management and funding responsibilities for such training will be shifted to the government to ensure sustainability.

Technical assistance is being provided to establish or maintain training within a national training system and efforts are being made to build the capacity of government health providers to manage training events. NFHP is providing technical support in maintaining and using a training database. NFHP II plans to strengthen ANM/CMA pre-service education in selected schools.

To learn more about NFHP's work in this area, go to our Performance Improvement and Training Resources.