USAID Nepal Family Health Program II Nepal Family Health Program II
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JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. successfully implemented the Nepal Family Health Program II for the U.S. Agency for International Development from 2007 to 2012. For further information on project activites, visit the NFHP II page on

USAID's past support in Nepal for health commodity logistics, particularly for key FP/MCH commodities, has been effective and strategic, creating robust systems which have delivered much more consistent stock availability at the end-user level. Consistent stock availability of program commodities in health facilities helps improve staff motivation and increase community confidence in the service delivery. These improved systems and practices have been institutionalized by the Government of Nepal.

We believe that this has been a notable sustainability success story, where larger USAID investments nearly a decade ago are yielding continually improving key commodity availability, with tapered donor inputs, and with host-government mainstreaming systems and progressively assuming fuller responsibility for funding. With continued support, we expect continuing improvements in performance.

To learn more about NFHP's work in logistics, go to our Resources.